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Transfer Center for Policy & Resources Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Kelly Ngigi

Major: Psychology & Human Development minor

Transfer institution: Highline College Des Moines, WA

First term at WSU: Fall 2017

Drew Misemer

Major: History

Transfer institution: Johnson County CC (KS)

First term at WSU: Spring 2018

Stephen Springer

Major: Journalism

Transfer institution: Highline College (WA)

First term at WSU: Fall 2018

Skylar Hamilton

Major: Interior Design

Transfer institution: College of Southern Nevada

First term at WSU: Fall 2017

Kelly Ngigi’s Profile

Why did you choose to transfer to WSU?:

At the time of applying to transfer I was looking at five other universities. After visiting them all, WSU had the best facilities and ranked the highest in its research work. WSU also offered me the most for scholarships so from that point on I was convinced that I needed to be here.

Have you faced any challenges while adjusting to WSU?:

The greatest challenge I have faced here at WSU is building community. I found myself meeting people but struggling to build meaningful relationships. After my first semester that began to change as I got more involved on campus. The bonds I have cultivated are strong and have made my time here at WSU enjoyable.


I love learning and the process of struggling through concepts until you reach a point of greater understanding. The courses I have enjoyed the most have been the ones that were the most challenging. The reason being is that I was truly interested in the content and I saw the relevance of the course for my future. When your interest in a topic relates to a learning opportunity you must take full advantage regardless of how rigorous the task may seem.

What Activities/jobs/organizations are you involved with at WSU?:

I am a Transfer Student Ambassador with Multicultural Student Services. I mentor incoming transfer students through their transition into the WSU academic and social community. I also work at University Recreation as a Membership Attendant making sure that patrons get the most out of the many amenities UREC offers.

What resources have you utilized at WSU?:

I have utilized Multicultural Student Services to connect and engage with the WSU community. I am also a undergraduate research scholar with the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program.

What are your favorite things about WSU and Pullman?:

My favorite thing about WSU and Pullman is introducing me to huckleberries. Ferdinand’s has the best ice cream in the state and the best Huckleberry ice cream in all of the milky way.

What advice do you have for transfer students?:

My advice for transfer students is to be active participants in their educational journey. To be proactive in seeking out opportunities, meeting new people, managing their time. Transfer students have to hit the ground running when they arrive in August. I encourage all incoming students to research WSU, academic departments, faculty, and student engagement opportunities so that when they arrive they know what to look for and where to find it, this is half the battle. The rest is to stay consistent and committed to the process.

Drew Misemer’s Profile

Why did you choose to transfer to WSU?:

WSU got on my radar through a friend who attended Oregon State University and had a food science background and was familiar with WSU. I was looking for an institution offering spring admission, and WSU got back to me within a month after I applied for admission which was great. This allowed me to start planning for an out-of-state transfer. I was looking forward to going to a school on the West Coast, even though Pullman is a bit away from the coast. I also was looking to attend a Division I (athletics) school because I’m a very passionate sports fan and wanted to experience it at the highest level in college.

Have you faced any challenges while adjusting to WSU?:

The quality of life and friendliness is something that stood out to me right away. Knowing that I would be working while going to school, I also greatly appreciated the opportunities for employment on-campus and hourly wages for students. I also moved from a bigger city to a small town, and I’ve learned to embrace the college-town environment and culture. Although it did take me some time to adapt to the social scene at WSU, eventually I was able to find my “center” via classmates, attending sporting and other live events, and putting myself out there.


I’ve found there is a lot of merited academic challenge in my courses and the professors are obviously leaders in their content areas. You’re going to be challenged and there will be moments where you will need to rise up to meet course expectations. If I want to get an “A,” I know I will have to put the work in for it. That’s something I’ve come to appreciate.

What Activities/jobs/organizations are you involved with at WSU?:

ZZU CRU and ZZU CORE (student fan groups); Cougs Guys and Gals (WSU athletic ambassador program), Daily Evergreen.

What resources have you utilized at WSU?:

My academic advisor and the staff at the Transfer Clearinghouse are two primary resources that I have utilized during my time here. I have also explored other degrees and programs, including pre-law during my time here.

What are your favorite things about WSU and Pullman?:

WSU athletic games. I’ve attended so many volleyball, soccer, baseball, football, basketball games and have so many great memoires from those experiences. Rushing the field after big football wins and experiencing ESPN College GameDay are two highlights of my time here. The Coug, Rico’s, and Rancho Viejo are two of my favorite spots for food, beverages, and socializing.

What advice do you for other transfer students?:

Try to make connections with your peers as soon as possible (orientation, week of welcome activities, earlier on in classes). I made some connections with fellow transfers during Alive! Orientation and have also connected with other students from out-of-state, like me. Most of all, push out of your boundaries, don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable and ask questions, and embrace the experiences you are about to have.

Stephen Springer’s Profile

Why did you choose to transfer to WSU?

A few reasons led me to transfer to WSU. I had a friend who attended this WSU at the time, my journalism instructor from Highline earned his bachelor’s degree here and honestly, the timing. It would have taken me up to a year to start classes at other public universities in the state, so WSU sort of just seemed meant to be.

Have you faced any challenges while adjusting to WSU?

I wouldn’t say I had a hard time adjusting to WSU, but as a veteran in my mid-20s, I found it a little difficult at times to connect with my younger peers who have had different life experiences. While it was frustrating at first, this ultimately became a positive thing as it forced me to be more personable and open.


I’ve had a good experience with academics at WSU. Great instructors and tough classes in my major have done a lot of good for me when it comes to learning about my field of study, organizational, and collaborative skills.

What Activities/jobs/organizations are you involved with at WSU?

Murrow Rural Reporting Plunge, which sent me to small towns in Idaho and Eastern Washington to cover topics ranging from fishing tournaments, economic-based educational disparities and sprint-boat racing.

What resources have you utilized at WSU?

The resources I used most while at WSU have been the Veterans assistance office and my Murrow academic advisor.

What are your favorite things about WSU and Pullman?

WSU and Pullman have been a wonderful and different experience compared to anything else I have done in my life. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime, snowboarded on campus behind Goertzen Hall and had some real fun nights at My Office. One of the things I have come to enjoy most about Pullman is how quiet and peaceful it is compared to my home in the South Sound.

What advice do you have for transfer students?

I think the best piece of advice for transfer students is to find where you fit in. Look for anything that interests you. It doesn’t have to be clubs, or sports necessarily. Go to concerts, go snowboarding. Sooner or later, when you do the things you want to do and you’re open about it, you’ll find your place.

Skylar Hamilton’s Profile

Why did you choose to transfer to WSU?:

My program was in the top 10 nationally and top 5 in the west.

Have you faced any challenges while adjusting to WSU?:

Life doesn’t slow down out here in Pullman or back home. Keeping up with school, friends, family and events back home, it feels like there is never enough time and I feel like I miss out on a lot especially having siblings that are still growing up. I try to speak with family at least once a week, more if possible. Texting and video chatting when I feel alone helps.


I am lucky to have short lectures and studio classes which means I can sort of choose what I work on and when. Everything is also project based for the most part. When a class is assignment based, I try to meet up with friends at my place, cook dinner, and we study/work together.

What Activities/jobs/organizations are you involved with at WSU?:

Since October 2017 I have worked at Student Financial Services. In 2018 I obtained this job. I have also been in the WSU Leadership program since my first semester here. My first semester I tried out for the women’s crew team. I did not even know that it was a sport! My first semester I also volunteered for an on campus study- seeing if animals improved student’s well being. I basically got to sit in a room of dogs every other week. It as awesome. For the past year I utilized the chinook and UREC as much as possible for weight lifting to stay in shape. This year I am trying different classes to challenge myself so I do not plateau. I am also the Vice President for a Departmental organization. What resources have you utilized at WSU? I enjoy the engineering library as a quiet place to get away and study on my own. I use the study rooms at the chinook as well when with friends. Aside from the gyms, I have also used the on campus clinics (for mental and physical health). You get free sessions and/or insurance covers visits so it is really convenient.

What are your favorite things about WSU and Pullman?:

I enjoy the sense of community and how there are so many connections we have in other towns/cities.

What advice do you have for transfer students?:

GET INVOLVED! Also, use your resources, that’s what you’re paying for.