Transfer Student Seminar

UNIV 304 Transfer Student Seminar

Course Details: 2 Credits • Upper-Division

Everything the UNIV 304 course is designed to do, students have mentioned in their feedback! When asked, “Overall, what is particularly good or interesting about this course,” students responded:

This class gives good insight and advise for your future career, grad school, ect. It also empowers transfer students to use the resources on campus.

Just the experience getting to know other transfer students.

[This course] eases us into the life as a transfer student at WSU.

[Engaging] with the community and other professors helped me make connections that I would never have made without the class.

The Transfer Student Seminar is one of the strategies WSU is using to promote transfer student success at WSU. Through consultation with colleagues and transfer student research, we have built a course that can foster transfer student engagement, success and growth.

Course Description

Transferring to a new college campus can be challenging. In this two credit course, you will develop skills and gain knowledge that will encourage a successful transfer experience and enable quality educational opportunities at WSU. These outcomes will be accomplished through various activities including lectures, campus resource engagement, wellness workshops, and service learning. The seminar is designed for new transfer students, but current transfer students are also welcome to join!

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