Transfer Course Search Tool

The Transfer Course Search Tool is a database that shows how courses from other institutions will transfer to WSU. Updated equivalencies are always being added, and the information is subject to change.

Please connect with your WSU admissions counselor or advisor to submit updated requests via the Course Evaluation Request Form. Please note the Transfer Course Search Tool does not guarantee applicability of transfer credit toward degree requirements.

Access the WSU Transfer Course Search Tool.

How To Use the Database

The Transfer Course Search selection is used to display the WSU course equivalency if the transfer course is known. You can enter search criteria including state, transfer institution, WSU expected entry term, and subject. Search for all courses at an institution by selecting country or state and institution and leave the subject and entry term fields blank. All columns are sortable.

The Browse Transfer Course Information selection is used if the WSU course is known but not the transfer equivalency from another institution. The information provided by this tool should be used in conjunction with the WSU Catalog along with the catalog of the transfer/sending institution.

Date Ranges and Validity of Transfer Course Equivalencies

A Date Range specifies the period of time that a specific transfer course equivalency is valid. Some equivalencies have been extended indefinitely and have a Date Range ending 12/31/9999. This end date will primarily appear for transfer courses that have recently been reviewed for UCORE, most Common Course Numbers, general electives, and non-transferable courses.

Periodically transfer courses change content and therefore may have an expired date range or end date in the database. If there is an equivalency with a date range that has expired, please fill out a Course Evaluation Request Form to have the course reevaluated.

Visit the Transfer Center’s glossary page for more information on the database and course equivalencies.

Transfer Credit Equivalency Database Codes

Listed below are common codes found in the Transfer Course Search Tool and how to interpret them.

Transfer course codes:

  • SUBJECT ### – This code may appear as SUBJECT ###, 1##, 2##, etc. These courses are taken at the transfer institution. Courses with this code may be non-transferable, or they may transfer as an elective of the equal course level. (Example: JAPN 1## taken at the transfer institution may transfer to WSU as JAPANESE 1XX.)
  • SUBJECT& – Courses with this designation are considered Common Course Numbers (CCN). They indicate that the content of these courses are similar throughout the Washington community college system.

UCORE Codes in the Transfer Credit Equivalency Database:

If any of the following codes appear in the “University Common Requirement” column, this indicates that a transferred course will be equivalent to a WSU course that satisfies the indicated UCORE category.

  • Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts [ARTS]
  • Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN]
  • Written Communication [WRTG]
  • Communication [COMM]
  • Diversity [DIVR]
  • Inquiry into the Humanities [HUM]
  • Inquiry into the Social Sciences [SSCI]
  • Inquiry into the Natural Sciences – Physical Sciences [PSCI]
  • Inquiry into the Natural Sciences – Biological Sciences [BSCI]
  • Inquiry Equity and Justice [EQJS]

WSU course codes:

  • SUBJECT 1XX, 2XX, etc. – This code will appear when courses taken at the transfer institution transfer to WSU but do not have a direct equivalency to a WSU course. Example HIST 100 at the transfer institution may transfer to WSU as HISTORY 1XX. These courses may still satisfy UCORE requirements.
  • ELECTIVE 1XX, 2XX, etc. – This code appears for courses that do not have a direct equivalency but transfer to WSU for elective credit. The appropriate departments and colleges determine the use of elective credit toward degree requirements.
  • UCORE 1XX, 2XX, etc. – This code appears for some courses taken at the transfer institution that can be used towards fulfilling UCORE but do not have a direct equivalency to a WSU course.
  • NON_T. – Non-transferable credits are credits that will not transfer to WSU. These credits may include but are not limited to:
    • Courses taken at colleges or universities that are not regionally accredited
    • Non-credit courses and workshops
    • Remedial or college preparatory courses
    • Sectarian religious studies
    • Vocational-technical courses.