WSU Everett Transfer Credit Pathways

Transfer pathways can help you build on the information provided the Transfer Course Search tool to understand how courses transferred to WSU Everett will apply to the requirements for your intended degree.

We are still in the process of developing major-requirement transfer pathways for WSU Everett to clearly outline what courses at a transfer institution apply directly to WSU major requirements, along with suggested transfer degree and UCORE applicability. Please note that the Washington DTA (direct transfer agreement) degrees will satisfy WSU’s lower-division UCORE, while the Associate in Science-Transfer degrees satisfy UCORE WRTG, QUAN, BSCI, PSCI, and three of the following requirements: HUM, SSCI, ARTS, DIVR, ROOTS. For more information, please visit Transferring a degree to WSU and Reverse Transfer Policies.

Transfer admissions information and contacts for all WSU campuses can be found at the Transfer to WSU website and on the Academic Program and Admission to Major information section of the WSU Admissions website. Please contact us at or 509-335-8704 with any questions.