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Direct Transfer Associate’s Degree (DTA)Associate of Science Transfer Degree (AS-T)General Education Requirements at Other InstitutionsCompleted Bachelor’s DegreeOut-of-State Transfer DegreesOther/International Degrees

Direct Transfer Associate’s Degree (DTA)

Students who transfer to WSU with an approved DTA degree from a regionally accredited Washington community college or an approved program outside Washington (see states listed below) will have the lower-division UCORE fulfilled and will generally be given junior status and 60 semester credit hours. Please note the Integrative Capstone [CAPS] upper-division UCORE requirement will not be completed.

“Reverse Transfer” DTA

Students who have completed at least 60 transferable quarter credit hours toward completion of an approved transferable degree from a Washington community college may complete the Direct Transfer Associates (DTA) degree after their initial enrollment at WSU. See Reverse Transfer Pilot Program.

Interested in reverse transfer? Find the reverse transfer contact for your previous institution here.

DTA “Gray Area” Credits

Within a completed DTA, up to 15 quarter (10 semester) credits of coursework at the 100 level or above, that may otherwise be non-transferable vocational/technical courses, may transfer.

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Associate in Science Transfer Degree (AS‑T)

Students who have completed the Associate in Science Transfer (AS-T) degree from a Washington community college will generally be given junior status and 60 semester credit hours. The AS-T does not fulfill all the lower-division UCORE requirements. Typically there are about four additional courses that must be met prior to the completion of a WSU degree: Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT], a second course in [COMM] or [WRTG], and a diversity course [DIVR]. The upper-division Integrative Capstone [CAPS] must also be completed.

For more information on the DTA, AS-T, major related programs, and a Washington transfer degree inventory please visit our Statewide Transfer Resources webpage.

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General Education Requirements Completed

Completion of lower-division UCORE requirements will be granted to students who have completed all of the lower-division general education curriculum at another regionally accredited  institution, provided the sending institution so certifies. Notification from the transfer institution registrar’s office can be sent to the Office of Admissions or emailed to WSU also accepts completion of the Interstate Passport credential as fulfilling lower-division UCORE. Please see Academic Regulation 6.i for additional details.

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Completed Bachelor’s Degree

Completion of all UCORE requirements will be granted to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree from another regionally accredited institution, provided that the general education program approximates approximates the disciplinary breadth of WSU’s UCORE curriculum. This includes the upper-division Integrative Capstone [CAPS] UCORE requirement and University Writing Portfolio. Please see Academic Regulation 6.g. for additional details.

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States with Approved Transfer Degrees:

WSU accepts transferable degrees from other accredited institutions as fulfilling lower-division UCORE, provided the degree’s general education curriculum approximates the disciplinary breadth of WSU’s UCORE curriculum. These degrees do not guarantee junior status or 60 semester credits

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Other/International Degrees:

Other degrees, including international degrees, will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis for fulfillment of requirements, in the absence of an approved articulation.  Higher degrees do not necessarily fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.

Please see Academic Regulation 6.(d-j) for additional details on transfer credit and degrees.

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