International Credit

Evaluation of International Credits for Transfer Credit

Transcripts from institutions outside the U.S. are evaluated by the Office of International Programs.

International Programs has developed a team of credential evaluators who evaluate international transcripts with the assistance of departmental contacts for specific equivalencies. The process of international credit evaluation can also be found by referring to the Transcripts section of the International Admission Requirements webpage. Please contact International Programs with questions about the process.

Prospective students can voluntarily request an evaluation from another credential evaluation agent that is a member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. For admission to the university, all international transcripts will be evaluated by the Office of International Programs.

Please Note: According to Academic Regulation 6.(j), an international degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis for fulfillment of requirements, in the absence of an approved articulation. Higher degrees do not necessarily fulfill baccalaureate degree requirements.