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WSU Transfer Clearinghouse Transfer Credit Reports

The Transfer Credit Report (TCR) is used to display the evaluation of your transfer credit to WSU. It is generated at the time of an admissions decision for prospective students, and it is updated soon after any new transfer credit is received by the Office of Admissions for prospective and current students.

If there are any discrepancies with a transcript or new information becomes available regarding the evaluation of a course, please email to request an updated TCR.

How to Access a Transfer Credit Report


  1. Log in to myWSU and from the Student Homepage select the Academic Advising tile.
  2. From the Academic Advising menu select “View Transfer Credit Report”.
  3. The top of the Transfer Credit Report will show a summary of transfer hours and a transfer GPA used for Admissions purposes. Screenshot of the transfer credit report view.
  4. If an external degree was earned it will also appear on the Transfer Credit Report. Screenshot showing where external degrees can be viewed within the transfer credit report.
  5. Below you will see a table showing equivalencies for courses taken at institutions other than WSU. The transfer equivalency, credits, grade, and any UCORE fulfillment are provided in the table. Screenshot of transfered course credits within the transfer credit report.
  6. Test Credit and Other Credits are located near the bottom of the page. Screenshot of test and other credits within the transfer credit report.