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WSU Transfer Clearinghouse Graduation Requirements & UCORE

University Graduation Requirements

  • 120 semester credits (or total credits for a specific degree program)
  • 40 Upper Division (300/400 level) semester credits
  • 2.0 minimum cumulative grade point average (Note: transfer GPA is not included)
  • Completion of requirements for major (see relevant catalog section)
  • Completion of UCORE requirements
  • Completion of Writing Proficiency requirements
  • Completion of additional requirements for College of Arts and Sciences students, i.e. completion of additional Foreign Language, UCORE, and lab requirements.

Completion of UCORE Requirements

Washington State University’s general education curriculum, called the University Common Requirements (UCORE), is the center of the undergraduate curriculum.

Honors students complete the Honors College version of the general education curriculum. Contact the Honors College for additional information or visit

The UCORE curriculum consists of courses that are the foundation of the Seven Learning Goals:

  1. Critical and Creative Thinking
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Scientific Literacy
  4. Information Literacy
  5. Communication
  6. Diversity
  7. Depth, Breadth, and Integration of Learning

The UCORE curriculum has four broad categories which are divided into ten requirements; only approved courses will fulfill them. Of the 34 total credits, only three, three-credit courses may be taken within the major. The program offers a wide variety of course choices, providing you with many individual pathways you can take to progress through the curriculum.

First-Year Experience: 3 semester credit hours
Roots of Contemporary Issues [ROOT] (3cr.)

Foundational Competencies: 9 semester credit hours
Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN] (3cr.)
Written Communication [WRTG] (3cr.)
Communication [COMM] or [WRTG] (3cr.)

Ways of Knowing: 16 semester credit hours
Inquiry in the Social Sciences [SSCI] (3cr.)
Inquiry in the Humanities [HUM] (3cr.)
Inquiry in the Creative and Professional Arts [ARTS] (3cr.)
Inquiry in the Natural Sciences [BSCI] and [PSCI] + 1 lab; or [SCI] + 2 labs(7cr.)*

*At least 7 credits: one 3 credit [BSCI] course and one 3 credit [PSCI] and one 1 credit lab; or take SCIENCE 101 and 102 [SCI] with two labs.

Integrative and Applied Learning: 6 semester credit hours
Diversity [DIVR] (3cr.)
Integrative Capstone [CAPS] (3cr; 400-level course)

Completion of Writing Proficiency Requirements

WSU Writing Proficiency Requirements include:

  • Completion of the University Writing Portfolio and Qualifying Exam (to be completed when a student reaches 60 semester credits and transfer students can use work from prior institutions)
  • Completion of two Writing in the Major [M] courses (to be taken after students have turned in their WSU Writing Portfolios)*

*Please click HERE for information on how certain associate’s and other degrees apply to UCORE and graduation requirements. Please also note students are responsible for meeting the other requirements for graduation, including those in the college and major departments. The University Writing Portfolio and the upper-division capstone course are not lower-division requirements and therefore cannot be satisfied by the approved associate degrees.

Completion of additional requirements for College of Arts and Sciences students

All students, including community college transfer students with an approved transferable AA degree from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Arizona, or Hawaii, or students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in the majors in this college, will be held to the following requirements:

  • Foreign Language: Complete 2 years of high school or 1 year of collegiate-level foreign language study (must be the same language)
  • Additional 3 semester credits of [SSCI], [HUM], or [ARTS] for a total of 12 semester credits
  • Additional 1 lab credit of [BSCI] or [PSCI] for a total of 8 semester credits (2 labs)