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Transfer Center for Policy & Resources Advisor FAQ

How do I request UCORE equivalencies?
Send an email to with a course description, syllabus (if available), and what UCORE equivalency is requested. Evaluators will review that information along with the general education distribution list of the transfer institution to determine any UCORE equivalency. If the re-evaluation of the course does not yield UCORE equivalency, submit the Transfer Course Substitution Form to the Undergraduate Education Petition Committee.

How do I request departmental equivalencies?
If a departmental equivalency is determined, please email so the transfer credit equivalency tables can be updated for future evaluations of the course. If new information is available after a student’s initial TCR was created a request for an updated evaluation review can be sent to

Please Note: Changing the transfer credit equivalencies tables does not change a Transfer Credit Report that was completed prior to the updated equivalency — a request has to be made for each update.

What do I need to request an update to a transfer credit report for a student?
Situations where a request for an updated transfer credit report would be needed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • An external degree, such as an Associate of Arts-DTA, is on an official transcript but not posted on the TCR.
  • A transfer course is missing on the TCR or is not accurately transcribed.
  • A new equivalency has been created.
What do I do when I encounter a course not listed on the transfer credit equivalencies website or with an expired end date?
Please email course description information to for review. If a departmental equivalency is determined, please email so the transfer credit equivalency tables can be updated for future evaluations of the course. Please Note: Pre-evaluation of courses not listed on the transfer credit equivalency website cannot be guaranteed for students who have not yet applied to WSU.

How does one repeat a WSU course with transfer credit?
WSU courses with a grade of C- or lower can be repeated with a transfer credit equivalency. Please refer to Academic Regulation 34 for more specific details.

What types of coursework result in non-transferable credits?
Transfer credit is not normally awarded for the following types of study or coursework:

  1. Courses taken at colleges or universities that are not regionally accredited.
  2. Non-credit courses and workshops.
  3. Remedial or college preparatory courses.
  4. Sectarian religious studies.
  5. Vocational-technical courses.

The ICRC handbook also has guidelines for Washington Community & Technical College Restricted Subject Areas on pg. 28-31.

Requests for review of non-transferable coursework can be sent to

How should institutions with national accreditation be handled?
Students who have taken college-level academic work at institutions that are not regionally accredited but are nationally accredited may petition for transfer of appropriate credits. Petitions may be filed after the student has completed a minimum of one semester (minimum of 15 credits) of satisfactory work at WSU. Please see Academic Regulation 14 for full details.

How are applications to graduate handled for former students?
If students do not need to enroll in WSU courses and only wish to apply to graduate, please have them contact Please Note: WSU will only articulate transfer credit for enrolled students and students who have applied to graduate from WSU.

What is the academic forgiveness policy for transfer applicants?
If you are evaluating admission credentials of Students with transfer work whose cumulative transfer grade point average is below a 2.00, then you may disregard all of the post-secondary transfer credit from a previous institution, provided that the work was completed not less than four years before the time of enrollment at WSU. Please see Academic Regulation 4(d) for full details.