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Transfer Center for Policy & Resources Information for Advsiors & Academic Departments

Process of Creating and Maintaining Departmental Transfer Equivalencies

Requests for departmental transfer credit should be sent to the Transfer Clearinghouse at The TCH will facilitate the review process. Requests are then reviewed by the academic department offering similar coursework.

If a transfer course is determined to have a WSU equivalency, the academic department may notify the transfer credit evaluators at The Transfer Credit Equivalency website will be updated to reflect the equivalency for future evaluation and updates to student Transfer Credit Reports can be made by request.

Please note an updated equivalency will not automatically change a TCR. To update a TCR please email Details needed include transfer course name, number, institution, WSU equivalency, and date range. Please also include the student name and WSU ID number.

The Transfer Clearinghouse will work to identify and notify departments of transfer equivalencies with expired date ranges in need of review. Departments may also request that the ending date range be 12/31/9999 (no end date) if they continually monitor changes to either the WSU course or the transfer course.

Series of Courses

“One to one rules” are simple equivalencies which identify that one course is equivalent to the WSU course and the transfer GPA reflects each course individually. Please note: One course cannot have two equivalencies in myWSU.

“Many to one rules” are used to combine two or more transfer courses as equivalent to one WSU course. In these cases the transfer grade for the WSU internal equivalent will reflect the grade the student earned in the second course.

“Many to many rules” are considered complex equivalencies and are used to define that two or more transfer courses are equivalent to two or more WSU courses. This means that fixed units for each internal equivalent are specified, and that the transfer grade is identified by an incoming course. For example, if there are three incoming courses that equate to two WSU courses, the transfer grade for the WSU internal equivalent will reflect the grade the student earned in the second and third quarter of the three quarter series. If the lab and lecture components are identified as separate course numbers, the transfer grade(s) used will be based on the lecture portion(s) of the course(s), not the lab component.

Please note: It is highly recommended transfer students complete the full series of courses at a single transfer institution. If the full series is not completed, courses may need to submitted to for additional review.